Saturday, November 27, 2010

UPed and Uped

s xr from 150, to 200, to 300... Three more days of the 200, then up again....then I'm "normal" as I can get for the moment...I feel a little better in that prospect now...but now I'm worried that I'm struggling with an unconscious case or in I feel fat, so I tel myself I'm not hungry...even if I am. All I have had to eat today is a few fries and half a chicken sandwich from Braum's...and I think of food and it just makes me so nauseous. It seems so stupid, but hey, I wouldn't put anything past me. I feel like crap....ugh my tummy hurts.

Christmas coming up and I dread the remembrance of disaster. My last SEVERE breakdown, on the 24th of last year....But me and my lover got a real living tree and are working on getting it all fixed up :) I've never had a tree before that didn't come in pre-lit pieces in a cardboard box...

I hope for the best this year...not repetition.

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